Unlike other online programs... results ARE typical. 
Check out the results and praise for the $10K Lab from some of our recent graduates...

I was able to 10x++ my investment back in the  Lab during the 10 weeks, much to my surprise! As a woman, I loved the focus on getting in alignment and following my intuition. This is how I like to operate in life, but it's easy to get lost when you start a business and think you just need to follow the rule-book someone else wrote. The mindset work has been huge for me. The Lab has also helped me overcome some of challenges and insecurities that pop up when we get more visible and put ourselves out there. It's been great!
Katie Read

Watch this video where I explain how the Lab works and what you can expect when we work together: 

The Level Up Lab is designed to get you consistently hitting five figure months over and over and over again as many times as you want. Here's a recap of what you get when you join:

• 10 weeks intimate group coaching experience 
• Daily accountability in group (M-F)
• Live Q&A Strategy Calls every week (recorded if you can’t make it)
• Weekly Flow - Step by step processes (you’ll know exactly what to do and when)
• Personalized plan to rock out the 10 weeks
• Bonus weekly mindset makeover livestreams to keep your head in check (that means 2 calls a week, 20 calls over the 10 weeks)
• Mindset & Manifestation Blueprint (my personal secret weapon to getting EVERYTHING I want in life and biz)

There are no long, drawn out trainings, workbooks to fill out, or hours of video to watch. This is full on coaching, accountability and hustle to achieve what you want in 2022 !

Spots are extremely limited! There are some serious bonuses to pay in full that includes 1:1 private access to me! 

I'm committed to creating an epic experience and blowing my client's minds! Click the button below to apply or to ask questions about the Lab directly to Jenna. I want to make sure it's the perfect fit before you enroll. 

Marika Roth
Such an amazing program! I felt like I got a daily support when ever I needed. And our weekly calls were such a good help get better focus and clear some funk. 10 weeks went so fast and when I looked back, I know I wouldn't have got so much done all by myself. Jenn is real and warm person who is not afraid to give a gentle kick in behind when needed. Jenn shares her journey to help us to rise and for me that has been so inspiring and helped a lot. I made over $20K and it felt easy and fun! 
I was able to quadruple my investment with new revenue inside the Lab! Inside the program, I finally launched a program I created a year ago AND let go of a program that was no longer aligned. I love the community of women Jenn bought together & I especially how hands on Jenn was. Anything you had questions she was there to answer or share resources to help. Thank you Jenn for fully showing up for us inside the Lab.
Kierra Jones
Bethany Perry
It was so inspiring! And definitely helped fill some gaps I had in my business that allow me to operate at a higher level.I automated pieces for list growth and outreach, $25k banked, made great connections in the group, confidence is at a 10, and feel stronger in my boundaries.

Jenn is passionate about seeing her clients succeed. She is genuine when she celebrates their wins, and firm in holding them accountable to their goals. I especially appreciated the supplemental trainings were all right to the point which made it very easy to take action on ideas (and implementing quickly = results!) 
Love everything about the Lab! By truly discovering what works for me and focusing on it. Jenn is the go to person to up-level your business! - its a unique experience, as you get to take what you need and what feels right, even in a group with others, you truly have a tailor made journey. Yes the financial up-level is amazing, 5k days, Clients throwing their cards at you for offers that feel effortless as they are so aligned - but more than that, for me at this stage in my business its being in an environment where I feel truly supported in so many areas. Working with someone that just gets it, been there and done it and has pockets of knowledge and gems to get you where you need to be is great, But its also an energy that Jenn has which allows you to feel confident and comfortable in the knowing that.

Chevvy Oke
Lindsey Wilson
Over $40K in 10 weeks! Jenn's energy and mindset work is such a boon to any entrepreneur. Throughout our work together she consistently helped me up level my mindset and my work, stepping into the entrepreneur I was meant to be. The group component was amazing as well. Nothing like a group of supportive, confident bad ass women to help you to up your game!
The Lab is phenomenal. Jenn helped me to shift my thinking about money and how I operate in business. Results: Within a 10 day period of starting the program, I generated $12K in sales, and a total of $27K in the 10 weeks. I highly recommend this program if you’re looking to revive your business as well as yourself...and operate more intuitively. 
Quanisha M. Green
Cheryl Bartlett
Jenn shocked the hell out of me right-from-the-get-go. She OVER delivered from the start and never stopped - every week I got more than I ever imagined. My investment was dinky compared to the VALUE I received from the Lab. THX JENN!
This program is for sure one of the best investments you can make! Not only for the content Jenn is delivering - but much more for the energy, the members and the mindset you will get into, when joining! It's the first group coaching program I've been really consistent and I made about 95K Euros. So be aware - you will be more successful, more visible, more energized and as a side effect: you'll even make more money! Loved being part of this amazing group! 
Karin Wess
Katie Read
I cruised over $16k yesterday in CASH income for the month. Since I started here and got my butt in high-gear, I've created $31k in cash in two months. Totally insane. The month before I signed up I only made 7k...
Have booked $17,000 in sales. $6,000 cash in. Landed 3 ideal high end clients, doubled my rates got rid of co-dependent clients that were not working for me and have taken stock of how I would change the programme. Jenn is so inspiring by clearly role modelling creative and fun ways to grow your business. She is super generous with her knowledge and resources and truly wants you to succeed.
Helen Vandenberghe
Taryana Lima Rocha
It was one of the most practical programs I've ever participated in. I was looking for measurable results and examples of how it's done and I feel I got those. I gained about 2k subscribers, made around 20k. I joined the Lab because I wanted the whole "make consistent money online" thing to actually be feasible for me. I actually feel now that it's impossible NOT to make money online if you follow Jenn's tips. The differential here is that everything in the Level Up Lab is practical, you HAVE to act. There's no fluff at all and you truly do get much more than you pay for. There's endless resources for all sorts of issues you might have, support for everything, a great energy in the group and basically if you show up, you'll get results and that's it!
The Lab was exactly what I needed at this point in my business, I was feeling stagnant and needed something to shift . I needed that extra kick on mindset, strategy and consistency to get me moving to that next level in my business and to actually believe that I was capable and aligned to consistent 10K months. I'm positioned and planned now to hit that goal as I stay focused on my consistency. The support and encouragement from the Lab and Jenn played a huge role in setting myself up for success. Thank you!
Tracy Gaudet
Christine Luken
If you're looking for the mindset + strategy to be a six-figure business owner this year, the Level Up Lab is where it's at! Jenn provided the practical tools I needed to earn 10k months, plus the belief in myself to do it. I had my best month EVER thanks to the Lab and I only see bigger and better things for the future of my business. Thanks Jenn, for helping me get to the next level!
I made $16K in 10 weeks! Jenn's professionalism and generosity is outstanding. She walks her talk with integrity in a way that I haven't seen before from any other online business expert.
Annie Romanos
Minnie von 
"This program was exactly what I needed to set me up for the year. It did a number of things. First it gave me the kick up the butt and accountability to get the ball rolling, take action and gain momentum. Secondly it was structured so I knew exactly what my game plan was and what to do next. Thirdly the other people in the group were fab. I found it invaluable to be able to check on my thoughts and ideas with a high vibe group of entrepreneurs who were also working on having their best year ever. Finally it was simple. I cant cope with overwhelm and in every single program I have taken with Jenn she keeps it refreshingly simple which I love. I had one of the best months ever in my business. All of this was done with a brand new offer and starting from zero as due to some personal circumstances I wasn't able to work for month and my income dropped. Based on this investment alone I did 58x my investment!! It's allowed me to expand my own thinking of what is possible for me this year and I have attracted high quality clients and high ticket deals to work on for the rest of the year. I'm a very happy lady!!!
"There’s a reason why Jenn is one of the top coaches in the industry; she knows her stuff and gets you results.Using the strategies recommended by Jenn, I successfully booked new clients into my premium coaching program which resulted in an additional $6k in revenue. I highly recommend her to all female service-based entrepreneurs out there”
Julie Cornish
Natalie Taggart
Jenn is a force of nature! Her heart is infused into the program and she really genuinely cares about getting you results. I felt so held and supported in launching a new signature offering and it was exactly the kick in the butt I needed. So grateful to Jenn and the Lab! I got exactly what I needed. I really appreciated how proactive and present she was in the group, how generous she is with your expertise and content, and how refreshingly down to earth the calls were. I feel really confident now in my ability to launch a program and get results.
I am so grateful that I made the decision to work with a Jenn!! I felt incredibly supported while working with her, and she absolutely shows up 110%, and over delivered! My biggest take always were massive shifts in my mind set and confidence, as well as having an article published in Tiny Buddha-something that would I would not have done if I had not been in the Level Up lab. I feel I got very clear on my packages, my ideal client, and my mission. I got speaking opportunities, published in magazine, increase in audience on FB and IG. I highly recommend Jenn as a coach!! If you get the opportunity to work with her, DO IT!!

Angela Savage
Does any of this sound like you?
  • You know you're really good at what you do… and you're ready to finally get the recognition (and the bank account) to go along with it! 
  • You’ve had some pretty decent months in your business...  but you can’t seem to make that happen every month and the whole consistency thing seems to elude you. 
  • You have a wealth of knowledge to share… but you feel like you can’t get in front of the right people, not to mention how to get paid by them consistently so you're not scrambling at the end of each month. 
  • You have enough followers to keep you excited and productive… but not enough to create the overflow and enjoy the recognition and respect you deserve. 
  • You know that you have the potential to build your business into something truly epic… but you’re totally confused about how to get there! Hello #shinyobjects! 
  • There are days when you wish that someone would just show up and teach you the secret to putting those “income roller coaster” days behind you for good… and empower you to create as much wealth, fame, and freedom as you want! 
Are you excited to get the insights, guidance, support, and resources to start generating CONSISTENT five figure months… every month?
Nothing. Nada. Squat. 

Here I was, calling myself an entrepreneur… and I didn’t really have one single client. 

You know what a business with no clients and no money is? An expensive hobby. 

That’s what I really had. An expensive hobby. 

In fact, I was so broke that I ended up having to crash at my parents house because I couldn’t afford a place of my own anymore! 

THAT was embarrassing… especially since I had a little boy I was supposed to be providing for! 

I remember all of the sleepless nights stressing out… trying to figure out how I was going to get back on my feet.

How I was going to create the life (and be the role model) my son deserved.

One day in 2014, though, I just decided enough was enough. 

I realized that I was in my own way. And that if I was going to be the mom and the business owner I needed to be, I was going to have to go all in. 
GeNienne Samuels
Jenn's no nonsense, tough love, keep it real (but with a smile and laugh) approach is just what I needed to determine my weaknesses, get real with myself, develop a plan of attack, and TAKE ACTION. Because of her guidance, the contests, and the community of amazing women she attracts, I launched more new offerings (that were sitting on my to-do list for YEARS) in 10 weeks than I had launched in at least the last 5 years. These new offerings alone brought in over $10K in revenue within 10 weeks... including $8,865 in 5 days.
"I have taken more action, more consistently than ever. I think it will just take time to reach my goal. I launched my course for the first time in 2 years, and got 13 feature opportunities. Confidence is through the roof- I really do see myself as a leader. I'm showing up as the $20k/month earner that I want to be! I'm being consistent, and have full faith that everything that I want to happen will. I've been following Jenn for YEARS and always knew I wanted to work with her. It was just a matter of when the time was right. After hearing all the success stories from LUL, I knew this was what I had been waiting for. As a result of this program, I've launched several of my own programs or services and have become MUCH more confident and consistent in being visible online!
Do yourself a favor- don't wait as long as I did. Just say yes.... you'll be thankful you did."

Shannon Confair

The $10K Lab is perfect for someone who is ready to increase their income and transform their business FAST.

This is ideal for someone who:
> Is bold and unapologetic (or desires to be!)
> Is good at what you do - just not enough people know about you yet
> Has a message that needs to be heard
> Is tired of seeing everyone else around you killing it and you're ready for your turn
> Is ready to double, triple or 10X your income
> Knows the right combination of mindset and strategy will get you there
> Is willing to go all in for the next 10 weeks to get results - NO EXCUSES

And who wants to:
• Create a membership or subscription program
• Is launching a program or course in 2022
• Wants to create a sold-out high ticket mastermind or group program
• Is ready to move from 1:1 coaching to a leveraged business model
• Wants to ensure 2022 is your best income year yet!

Yael Bendahan
"I definitely overcame a lot of mindset blocks, uncovered a few more that I have yet to overcome, but all in all I launched my program and have definitely made big strides! Mindset has improved the most. Just self-confidence and self-belief that I am worth a LOT and that the right people will come. Also being way more comfortable with selling myself., Made over $20K, Got about 15-16 features :), got connected with Frank Kern
Finally launched my group program, I am much more confident mindset which I'm passing on to my clients., Showing up more and giving less of a f*ck about what other people think. I surpassed $21K! The mindset shifts, resources, and support were off the charts and everything we got from Jenn was absolute gold. If you have a chance to work with Jenn, take it!
Still Not Convinced? Let the results speak for themselves! 

$23K+ in cash commission and new wedding planning clients. 8 yes for features and still following up with about five. Grew my list by 45 people. did my first podcast interview! getting much better at FB ads.

Jenn is straight to the point. She told me the exact steps to update my sales funnel, show up consistently and think like a next level CEO. I created a free mini course. If you're looking for answers to all your online business questions, to learn about mindset and tips you can use now, Jenn is your gal.
Lindsey Nickel
Sarah Humphreys
I've never been in such a group setting where you feel so heard and supported throughout. Jenn goes above and beyond, generously helping you to make the right step with her wealth of knowledge. It shows clearly that she wants your business to succeed and does everything she can to get you there. A wonderful experience from start to finish thank you.
Jenn has helped with this immensely. She just put to my fears of launching to bed. and held my hand through that process. I feel as though I have been given permission to do what I should be doing. Working with Jenn in the  Lab has been an incredible experience. I was just one of those people that wanted in as soon as I saw it being promoted. I just know when something feels right. I was scared. I'd never spent this much on anything for myself professionally, but I knew I had to work with someone who's been in my shoes. I knew that standing still was no longer an option. I didn't really know what to expect. Yes there's strategy to implement on the course, but for me this was a complete mindset journey. You cannot have the success without the mindset. And Jenn helped me through this. My pricing became truly aligned and I made all of my investment back by half way through the course. So honestly, working with Jenn is a no-brainer - just say yes to yourself and trust in Jenn and you that this will work. Can't wait to work with her again in the near future.
Hannah Forbes-George
Lauren Unger
10K in two weeks! coming out of the 12 weeks I have a lot of clarity on the future. Thank you Jenn for the wonderful container you held for the growth of myself and the incredible ladies in the 10x lab. You shared with us so much information that was beyond helpful during the program and will continue to grow my business in new areas and expand my reach and platform. Thank you for all of the tools and guidance you provided us with. This program was a wonderful investment that I would recommend for those looking to grow and expand!
My confidence has improved the most. I can no longer use the excuse of not knowing what to do or how to do it. My brain has changed and I now know that when I'm at a loss of what to do... I just need to show up. Jenn is the real deal. She'll do whatever it takes to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. She's authentic, direct and on a mission to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. What else can you ask for? I made more money than I ever made in the 10 weeks AND I was also on vacation the majority of the time!
Carly Hamilton Jones
Tatiana Amico

I learned a lot. I have a greater outlook on what I can do. I gained clarity & recognized even more - the power of mindset. Mindset for sure. But also options for getting myself out there more, and ways of making consistent income! Confidence for sure! I'm all about selling now (whether to something paid or to my list, my group, etc) as well! I can get through the shitty mindset dips faster as well

"I feel like I’ve embraced sales and loving what I sell on a deeper level. I have consistent podcast interviews and summit invites ... my podcast downloads are growing ... I'm showing up daily ... at least 3-5 times between instagram and FB. The value of the Lab is tangible and so valuable. Your work ethic and understanding of mindset is a powerful combination. I’ve learned so much. "
Elena Lipson
Bryn Browerstock

Jenn is an amazing coach! Her knowledge and expertise in being a successful online entrepreneur is evident in her calls and all of her content. I highly recommend working with her if you want to move your business forward many levels!

It was an incredible experience - the group we had was so supportive and your mentorship was priceless. Clarity and alignment have been my biggest wins. Mindset and business strategy. Alignment & focus on my mindset. And I am so clear about new offers. Working with Jenn in the Level Up Lab has been an incredible experience. Her knowledge, support and the group of women she brings together brought my business to a whole new level. Through working with Jenn, I've gain more clarity and alignment than I ever before and have the confidence to meet my next goals.
Sitinee Sheffert
Emma Chartrand
Within 6 weeks of working 1:1 with Jenn, I doubled my initial investment of $3500 and this with staying home full time with an 8 month old baby that just started sleeping through the night. I did no funnels, No lives, No fancy website, photo shoot or any of that. I didn’t have to run after clients nor did I beg them to work with me. Jenn supported me and reminded me that I am indeed, that badass, ambitious babe and the only limits/excuses I had were the ones I was making. If you’ve been on the fence, or wondering if you should or shouldn’t invest in Jenn, just do it already. I only wish I’d done it sooner. Thank you Jenn, from the bottom of my heart. While the money is amazing, I’m just really happy and grateful I got my confidence and mojo back. I know this is only the beginning for me ❤️
"Doubled insta following to 200. Added about 100 new Fb followers. Launched masterclass with 16 sign ups. Closed five nights new clients with a 100 percent close rate on discovery calls. I’m present to my business every day. I’m visible every day. I’m excited about what I am launching and have confidence in my niche and my content. I feel more clear in what I need to do. I feel more clear about how to plan my revenue streams to hit my monthly targets.

Jenn showed up for ya so amazingly in this program. Her every is infectious and her direct manner gets you right to the point snd through the bullshit. I have never been so focused and committed to my biz. I sold more coaching packages in this ten weeks than ever before. This was a great way to launch back into work after maternity leave. I’m so proud of what I achieved over this time. I hired a team. Set up a social media system. Launched my first ever masterclass. Got much clearer on my niche and now have the roadmap I need for consistent and regular monthly income moving forward. I highly recommend this program if you are needing that kick in the butt, a community of equally dedicated and kick ass ladies to reach out to and all the resources you could possible imagine needing to launch the biz of your dreams. Jen is a wealthy of information and encouragement."
Sofia Fortin

Here's some of what we will cover in our time together:

​☆ Redefining and reconnecting with your vision, mission and goals, Plus exactly how to get there (plan/strategy)
 ☆ Lead Generation (Organic vs Paid) AKA finding people to buy from you
 ☆ Locking into who you are, how you're showing up + who you are calling in
 ☆ Your feel good marketing method (when you work with me you will NEVER do anything you don’t want to do)
☆ Creating excitement around your brand/offers that make people reach out to you - so you never have to "chase" again
☆ Your aligned and easy to execute offer and how to put it out there effortlessly 
 ☆ Selling with ease and flow + the art of selling every day without the sleaze
 ☆ Daily habits/rituals/nurture and keep momentum going
 ☆ Magnetizing your ideal clients with your unique persona and stories
 ☆ Making Money on Repeat (no more feast and famine!)
 ☆ Staying in Flow and locking in the vision for consistent income
 ☆ How to create offers like clockwork that your ideal clients can’t say no to
☆ The 10X mindset and I have created multiple five figure months (some six figure) every month for the last 65+ months

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